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Available 7 days a week, our dedicated team are only a call, an email or WhatsApp message away to book the most sought-after leading restaurants, hotel reservations or design global travel itineraries. We source luxury goods, organise theatre or VIP concert tickets, arrange VIP car leasing and purchases.

Drawing on our network of global contacts and close brand partnerships, we secure preferential rates and a choice of exclusive offers. These contacts are not just ‘the reservations team’, they are personal friends of F13; the owners, the artists, sporting personalities or management of individuals themselves.

We plan bespoke celebrations, proposals, weddings and business events. Our team manage time consuming home and domestic requirements such as security, home improvements and even large-scale renovation projects.

Who are we?

We are no ordinary concierge company. After 15 years of providing superlative customer service and building a wealth of meaningful relationships within specialised areas, we really know the travel, music, sporting, entertainment and event industries. Most importantly, we get to know our clients!

We understand how personal our service is to our members and the importance of attention to detail, privacy, and dedicated support. F13 Lifestyle is all encompassing, and crucially tailormade to our client’s work and personal life. We meet with our F13 members face to face for a coffee or even a glass of bubbles for a catch up. Membership with F13 offers an inclusive supporting relationship only a helping hand away. F13 Lifestyle, Your Lifestyle family.

We work for you using our specialised skills and contacts, to seamlessly provide the services of your choice that enrich your life. Our promise to you is to deliver on your requests and to proactively recommend services that mirror your lifestyle.

Director profiles

Paul Stacey, Founder and Managing Director

Paul has been working in the events and entertainment sector more than 20 years and his experience is second to none. In 2005, Paul started F13, leading a dedicated experienced team, working with exclusive venues and specialist providers, planning largescale events for high profile clients. The Classical BRITS, Mercedes private parties, Premiership footballer weddings, and a selection of charity balls just to name a few.

Today, at F13 Lifestyle and Events, Paul remains hands on, taking calls, meeting with clients, fulfilling requests, offering solutions to their everyday needs as well planning both business and special occasions. Paul and his dedicated team are 100% committed to providing a first-class service to their increasing client base from all sectors of business, sport and entertainment.

Cassandra Stacey, Director

Cassandra has an all-encompassing background in people driven businesses and diverse public and private services. Cassandra’s experience in delivering fine-tuned strategic planning, at all levels, brings additional skills to the company with a management and training background. Experience in public organisations has also perfected her attention to detail. Working on behalf of, and alongside such a varied client base, means Cassandra has an outstanding personal but professional individual approach that is needed to build longstanding relationships.

Together their passion for excellence and client satisfaction ensures the quality in delivery of the F13 Lifestyle promise.